Eighteen year old, Michael Charles Fuchs, (aka) MYKEE was born with a passion for music.  As early as five, his gifts were apparent, as he would often mimic the songs he heard on the radio and pretended to perform with his guitar and microphone, while re-enacting the dance moves he saw on videos and television.

Raised in Bergen County, New Jersey at four his parents enrolled him in the Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts’ School. He quickly caught the attention of the owner, and landed the starring role in a highly televised commercial for the organization. The director referred him to an agent and he went on to be cast in numerous commercials, and movies such as Stuart Little 2, Twelve, Holding and the TV series Law & Order.

By the time he was ten, he studied artists such as, Jackson 5, N Sync, Jagged Edge, 5ive, 112, and Dru Hill. He was also intrigued with rap artist, Puff Daddy, Jay-Z and B.I.G. and developed an interest in rapping, and he began to write lyrics and create melodies.

During his early teens he honed his skills by performing, at the Soul Café, the Underground Lounge and at various other open mic shows in NYC.  His rendition of “Whose Loving You” was a showstopper, prompting fans to compare his vocal tone to a young Michael Jackson.  As he became more proficient at rapping he gradually incorporated this into his repertoire and he garnered respect in both areas.

Fast forward to 2008…. he was introduced to young producer Tyrone Wright, (pka) “Black The Beast”.  Impressed with his talent, Black collaborated with Mykee, for more than a year, and he has catalogue of new songs that showcase his talent as a singer, songwriter, and rapper.

Armed with new material, and new management, this rising star is on his way, and has nothing but the best to offer in Pop, R&B and Hip Hop.  His motto is “Innovate never Imitate”, he’s determined to bring a new feel to the music industry. So lookout for MICHAEL CHARLES he’s bound to capture audiences across the board!!

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